Patients And Visitors

Post-surgery Care
Just had your tooth surgery done?
Refer to the post-surgery care instructions here for information pertaining to swelling, bleeding and pain care as well as the Activity, Diet and Teeth Care.
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Enquiries and to View / Change Your Appointment

To make an appointment, you may call our clinics hotline at +65 8031 0477 or WhatsApp us.

Enquiries and to View / Change Your Appointment

Likewise, for enquiries, or to view / change your existing appointment, please call our dental clinics hotline at +65 8031 0477 or WhatsApp us.

What to Bring

If you are a new patient to our clinics, please bring along the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport;
  • Referral letter (if any).
  • Employment pass, work permit and/or re-entry permit (if applicable)

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so that we can notify the dentist to be prepared.

Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist

Your child’s first dental visit usually will not take long as it is to get to know the dentist in a child-friendly environment.

When your child is ready for the session, the dentist will then proceed to examine the condition of their existing teeth, check their bite for any oral health issues and clean their teeth.

How to Prepare Your Child:
  • Always ensure your child keep up a regular and consistent oral health routine
  • Bring your child along when you go for a dental appointment to get them used to theenvironment and show them that you had a positive experience.

Before the visit, reassure your child that no surgery will be performed, and emphasise that the dentists are simply making sure that they have good oral health.

On your arrival
Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time for registration. In the event you are late, your session may be cut short or suspended, and you may have to book another appointment. We hope to have your understanding as there may be other patients scheduled after you.
COVID-19 safety measures
With respect to the government’s COVID-19 safety measures, you will have to scan the Trace together QR code provided by our clinic upon entry. If you are holding a token instead, please flash it to our staff so that they are notified. Furthermore, for the safety of our patients, patient appointment timings are staggered to ensure that our clinic is not overcrowded at any point in time due to safety distancing protocols. It is also to give sufficient time to our clinic staff to disinfect the room after every patient visit. Hence, we would like to seek your understanding when booking an appointment and to follow safety measures when visiting our clinics.
First appointment and follow-up appointment
First Appointment
Our dentists will examine your oral condition, identify your needs and go through your treatment plans with you on the first visit. Your dentist may also prescribe medication for pain relief. Your dental procedures may be on the same day as your consultation session, or at the next appointment, depending on your oral health condition and your doctor’s recommendation.
Follow-up Appointment

After the session with your dentist, our staff will arrange for a follow-up appointment that best meets your needs and your dentist’s instructions.

You will also receive a reminder call from our staff the day before your appointment date. In the event that you are unable to make it for your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible, via our hotline at +65 8031 0477 or WhatsApp us.

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